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People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

July 17, 2014
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July 08, 2014
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Updates and thangs

It’s been a while, but yes I’m alive. Modifications have been made to the blog, including new theme and I’ve added a tag page to find things :D I’ll be posting art as soon as I can. Thanks for sticking around e’rrybody!

July 06, 2014
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Gonna be updating the theme, so please excuse my mess :P

May 08, 2014
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Iconic quotes about Art and Creativity

i really need this at the moment

This made my day
March 26, 2014
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~ WIP of Clint post-mission~

March 23, 2014
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Reverse graffiti

Reverse graffiti, also known as clean taggingdust tagginggrime writinggreen graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary or semi permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. It is often done by removing dirt/dust with the fingertip(s) from windows or other dirty surfaces, such as writing ‘wash me’ on a dirty vehicle. Others, such as artist Moose, use a cloth or a high power washer to remove dirt on a larger scale. - Source


March 11, 2014
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~Some domestic hawk~

March 03, 2014
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March 01, 2014
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~Here’s some conflicted Hawkeye~

March 01, 2014
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